Bagoleos is the pseudonym used by artist Leo Hofnug to create music with a cinematic approach. Originally from Brazil and having spent 12 years in Argentina, Hofnug relocated to Ireland just before the onset of the global pandemic. Bagoleos' music is a fusion of breakbeats, Latin music, jazz, spoken word, and electronic music, using Arcade by Output to create a unique sound that defies genre categorization. The artist name "Bagoleos" is a play on the Irish expression "Bag of Legos" (or “bag’o’legos” as he first heard), which means to be broken, in pieces. "Bagoleos” would then mean "bag of Leos", many parts of a whole. 

As an early career artist, Hofnug is constantly composing and experimenting to create a sound that evokes vivid images in the mind. In addition to Bagoleos, Hofnug is also involved in other musical projects, including the Irish based jazz duo Embassy Gutters. 

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